Spinach Balls & Potato Latkes

I credit my mom for this spinach ball idea, but I am morphing her recipe into a much healthier version! A version that would make Popeye proud!

Ingredients: Fresh organic spinach (at least a few bunches, or two of the very large containers of washed baby spinach). If using larger spinach leaves, remove the stems. Chop up your huge mound of fresh spinach. In portions, steam it. Once the steamed spinach cools down, squeeze all the liquid out (I squeeze it into a cup and drink it, don’t want to waste all those nutrients. Mix in extra virgin olive oil, homemade breadcrumbs made from Terra Nova pane di casa, nutritional yeast, horseradish, finely chopped yellow onion, and about 3 heirloom eggs, and pink Himalayan sea salt. Bake at 350 F.

Potato Latkes: Russet potatoes (skin left on), shredded and totally drained of all liquid, yellow onion (minced and drained of all liquid), eggs, breadcrumbs, flour, potato starch, salt. I like to take half of this batch and mix it with herbs de Provence, and then leave the other half plain. I also experimented with making a potato and plantain latke mixed with panela and cinnamon. Sear in canola oil.

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