The Story Behind This Site…

So where does The Loose-leaf Cookbook come from? Essentially, it was a very high tech meal collection book which I created for myself with some loose-leaf paper and staples! If I impressed myself with a meal I made, I would jot it down inside this loose-leaf booklet I made as a reminder for future meals. See the picture below for a glimpse of the artifact!

The Loose-leaf Cookbook
Meal Record

My name is Peter Morgis, I am 26, and as proper nourishment for my body becomes ever more important to me, I spend a lot of time thinking about what I will eat and how that food might make me feel after I eat it. I eat for enjoyment, for energy, and to keep my immune system high. These are my three pillars I try to keep as the foundation for all of my meals because it supports my lifestyle habits! I am an extremely active person who loves to play sports (especially tennis), I caddy (very energy demanding!), and I enjoy exercising. If I don’t have any energy I can’t perform to the best of my ability. I get energy from eating the right foods! The meals which I post are the ones that have tasted so good that I have almost fell out of my chair!