Garlic Parsley Potatoes with Mushroom & Onion & Beef Saute

Do you like “garlic knots” from your local pizzeria? I have a much better and healthier alternative to that! These garlic parsley potatoes are soooo much better that garlic knots, and I promise they will satisfy your craving! I had to write about it so I can remember it!

Ingredients: Russet potatoes (bake them whole in the oven coated with olive oil, salt, and pepper covered in tin foil, slice the cooled baked potatoes, fry in safflower oil to brown and crisp the edges. In a separate bowl mix extra virgin olive oil, parsley, fresh garlic, garlic powder, parmigiano reggiano/romano blend grated cheese (Tietel Bros in the Bronx has the best!!). Lastly, pine nuts!!! This was a last minute addition I though would pair well and it sure did!!!

For mushroom/onion/beef. Yellow onion, white onion, organic baby bella mushrooms, high quality beef cubes from a responsibly raised cow. In a pan, heat avocado oil, add in the beef and saute on med/high so you brown the edges. After a few minutes take out the beef and add in the onions. Cook for several minutes, add in fresh garlic and the sliced mushrooms. Cook for another few minutes and allow mushrooms to release much of their moisture. Add fresh dill and beef back in along with some sauvignon blanc.

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