Shrimp and Cilantro Rice Pattie

Some people think cilantro tastes like soap, but I think it tastes DELICOUS!! I guess that means I like the taste of soap…Ingredients: Arborio rice, wild caught shrimp, scallions, shallots, cilantro (home grown!), garlic, chicken broth, salt, pepper, ground ginger, cayenne pepper, peanut oil, butter (the high quality kind), bread crumbs, canola oil.

The first step is to cook the rice as if you are making risotto. In a pot, warm up some chicken broth mixed with some water. Heat up a large skillet, add in peanut oil, a little butter, and then add in the diced shallots and garlic. After a minute or so, add in the rice, then stir, then add in some ground ginger. Once rice has toasted a little bit, gradually pour in the warm mixture as needed by the rice. Stir regularly, then add in cayenne pepper and salt to taste. Peel, devein, and dice up the shrimp, then dust with some pepper. Add shrimp into the rice mixture (once it is almost done). As the rice is cooling add in diced cilantro and scallions. Form into rice patties and coat one side with breadcrumbs as it pan fries in a little canola oil.

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