Plantains with Wheatberries

This has been one of my go-to meals for years. I highly recommend this dish to anyone, but especially to any athlete who wants to get tons of long lasting and clean energy.

Ingredients: Let wheatberries simmer in a covered pot with a crack of a cinnamon stick in the simmering water. This will impart a nice cinaminny taste onto the cooked wheatberries. Cook until slightly soft, about 45 min. Cut plantain into rings and place in a bowl. The ripeness of plantain is key. The quality of this dish comes entirely from the quality of the plantain. For this dish I like to use plantains that are not green, but also are not overly dark. Stir in cinnamon, and sugar of your choice (I like to alternate between panela, dark brown sugar, and regular cane sugar). Pour in a little canola oil and mix. Add to a hot pan, and sizzle it with coconut oil. Cook until each side gets nicely browned on each side. Pour in the drained wheatberries along with some maple syrup and pecans.

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