The Black Bean Burger

If you ever crave a burger without meat, this is a must try!!! First time making it and I can proudly take all the credit for crafting together this meal. This dish will leave you feeling very energized and fill you up with tons of great nutrients.

Ingredients: Organic black beans (drained and also bake at 325 degrees F to dry the beans out a little bit, removing this excess moisture will make the burger less mushy), organic red bell pepper, cilantro, yellow onion (just a little), 1 organic egg, Worcestershire sauce, dried chipotle pepper (soak the dried pepper in hot water for a half hour to soften up and only use a little depending on how spicy). Mix all ingredients in a bowl, saute in a pan with extra virgin olive oil. Served with Ithaca Cold Crafted hummus (fresh lemon dill flavor), wheat-berries, and quinoa.

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